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Hey everyone && welcome to d_tng. This livejournal community is for all of you fans of degrassi: the next generation and our site d-tng. Feel free to start posting and sharing all of your degrassi goodness.

On the layout: MOST of you know, I, as in Ash, am this HUGE Darco shipper. The other co-webs just couldn't stop me. I'll be changing layouts quit often so don't get too upset if you don't like one of them. Hehe.

Okay, so...please join and help this community grow!!! XD

-The Staff
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Hey !! Your site is marvellous, so I come in your comunauty... But it's the first time I am in a comunauty... and I am a little lost -__-'... And like I'm French... It's not very easy for me !! XD
So, if you wanna help-me... feel free to do !! loool

Love from the little French who is addict to your website :p

woot woot!
Enilda - lmao...a community is just a place to hang out and stuff. It's very similar to a form and all of that, but our forum has been down and I am currently addicted to LJ communities so I figured I would make one! You can post anything you'd like to here. Say you were to make a bunch of avatars or a blend you wanted to share, then you can post them here! Or if you just met a member and wanted to talk to people about it, then oyu can post that here as well!
Oh, thanx ^__^
I have blends that I want to show you ^__^
You site is sooooooo great !! Keep going !! ;)

<3 from Enilda, the little French ^__^